During today's Nintendo Direct presentation, we learned that Mario Golf World Tour will be coming to the 3DS this summer, giving players another chance to score a hole-in-one with their favorite Nintendo characters.

The Mario crew is full of athletes, isn't it? These characters have done everything from basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and even competed in Olympic events! But of the various activities in which they engage, golf has to be one of their most leisurely, which is weird since they all use a variety of Special Shots that tear up the green!

Mario Golf World Tour will feature great 3D graphics, the ability to compete with other players around the world through WiFi, a community feature, and option to create games that use traditional golf rules, meaning that no Special Shots can be used. Players can also set up tournaments to see who's the best, then brag about their golfing prowess.

More news about this game will be revealed later, but for now we can look forward to a Summer 2013 release!