A new trailer for Mario Golf: World Tour has popped up, giving us a brief look at Mario and the gang trying their best to lower their scores.

Some new features were introduced today in the Nintendo Direct, which are not shown in the trailer above, but merit some mentioning. More specifically, they announced the single-player mode called Castle Club, in which players can use their Miis to play through the game.

There is plenty of customization to be had in the Castle Club and you can change your Mii's shoes, clubs, headgear and more. Depending on the combination of items you have equipped, your Mii's stats will change, so it's important to get the right set of equipment on in order to boost your abilities.

You'll also be able to practice your long and short games in a special practice mode, so you can fine-tune your shots. Mario Golf: World Tour arrives on the 3DS May 2.