Who needs a 9 iron when you can use a Mario power-up in order to perfect your swing?

In this latest trailer for Mario Golf: World Tour, we get to see how teeing off will be affected by the use of various power-ups and items that a player can use before each swing. This video starts off by showing that sometimes, a strong swing just isn't enough. Due to the layout of certain levels and certain environmental factors, such as the landscape and wind, you will have to use these power-ups in order to adequately progress through the course.

Using a Fire Flower prior to your swing will allow your character to hit the golf ball with an explosion, launching the ball much further than a normal hit. If you're afraid you might land in some water, the ice power-up will allow your ball to instantly freeze anything that it comes into contact with, which allows it to instantly freeze anything it touches, letting it to bounce on water. Similar to the Fire Flower, the Bullet Bill power up will give your golf ball a ride on the giant, smiling projectile as it rockets through the sky to help extend the range of your swing tremendously.

Originally billed for a summer release last year, Mario Golf: World Tour is now due for a May 2 release exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.