The Big N is almost doubling the amount of content in Mario Golf: World Tour through its multiple pieces of DLC, which includes new courses, characters and much more.

Nintendo will be putting (or putt-ing) out three major packs of downloadable content to add even more courses and characters to Mario Golf: World Tour's already impressive roster. World Tour's downloadable content will add 108 new holes atop the 126 that are already included in the standard edition of the game (which is an amount that is already equivalent to previous entries in the Mario Golf series).

World Tour's DLC will be released in three separate packs, with the Mushroom Pack debuting on May 2, the Flower Pack later in May and the Star Pack in June. Each of these DLC expansions will include two brand new courses, featuring 18 holes each, and a playable character. Toadette will be coming with the Mushroom Pack, Rosalina will join the Star Pack and Nabbit will accompany the Flower Pack. Each of these add-ons cost $5.99 each, and the Season Pass will warrant all three of these add-ons for the discounted price of $14.99. Season Pass holders will also get an exclusive Gold Mario as a bonus character.

The first set of these amazing add-ons will be available on May 2 as day-one DLC which will debut alongside Mario Golf: World Tour's launch.