EA officially announced this year's version of its popular football video game franchise would be called Madden NFL 25.

Due out on Aug. 27th, Madden NFL 25 will be a celebration of the game's twenty-five year history. "This year’s game will push the boundaries with gameplay and feature innovations that will lay a very strong foundation for the next 25 years of this storied franchise," said Cam Weber, General Manager of American Football for EA Sports. Platitudes aside, there are sure to be new features in the game, but for now those are being kept under wraps.

To get everyone in the mood though, EA has revealed plans for the annual cover vote to include 32 modern-era players going head-to-head with 32 classic football greats. Like last year, EA will team with ESPN's SportsNation to unveil the brackets and eventual winner. "Each year has brought record-setting results as NFL fans come out in droves to support their favorite players and teams, and by going big this year with legends facing off against the league’s current leaders, needless to say it will be an interesting vote with much debate and discussion," said Raphael Poplock, Vice President of Games and Partnerships for ESPN.

More details on Madden NFL 25 are expected in the coming weeks, and the 64 players vying for the coveted cover athlete role will be unveiled on March 11th.