The cover vote for Madden NFL 25 has been hot, but things are about to get ratcheted up a notch with the round of sixteen voting.

As it stands right now, the 49ers have a 25 percent chance of landing the cover with four different players (Montana, Rice, Kaepernick, Sanders) remaining in the brackets. Okay, technically Deion Sanders is in his Atlanta Falcons uniform, but he was a San Francisco 49er at one point, so we're counting him.

The two lowest seeds remaining are #5s Michael Strahan (going up against #80 himself), and Ray Rice, who is forced to face off against his Bay area rival, RGIII. It's really a tightly contested battle all the way around though, as there are few players left who are capable of running away with the win. That said, while Rob Gronkowski is definitely a fan favorite, he's going toe-to-toe with Adrian Peterson, who just had one of the most amazing seasons in NFL history.

Voting for the round of sixteen will remain open through Wednesday, April 3rd, so you better hurry if you want to make sure your favorite classic and current players advance to the semi-finals.