It looks like Dave Franco and Kevin Hart are going to play Madden. Also, my brain just shattered from watching the new Madden NFL 15 commercial.

Attempting to describe the above video in mere written words is an exercise in futility. Seriously, it would be like trying to describe a Salvador Dali painting by telling you how it smells. It suffices to say that professional comedian Kevin Hart REALLY wants to play Madden against professional brother actor Dave Franco, and that when he finally gets him to do so, he realizes he may have pushed Dave a bit too hard.

There’s also a DJ who’s a bear in a pool, a stranded solo singer, a rather large bullhorn, a cameo by Portland Trailblazers point guard Damian Lillard, Japanese cheerleaders, and an airtight rap sequence by LaSean McCoy, Dez Bryant, Colin Kaepernick and Richard Sherman.

The ad is straight-up bonkers, but in a good way. For a Madden ad with very little football in it, this bizarrely hilarious commercial does a good job of hyping players up for Madden 15’s Aug. 26 release. Rather than touting graphical upgrades or new mechanics, this ad focuses on the best part of Madden season: trash-talking your friends and taunting them for their failures.

It’s a great ad, and one that lets us all know not to mess with Dave Franco. That dude’s intense.

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