Recently, Mercedes-Benz came out with two live-action commercials that started out showcasing the recent DLC in conjunction with Mario Kart 8. It shows an exciting race between characters clearly exhibiting the cars that you can play on the DLC. However, after the characters cross the finish line it gets a little weird.

As soon as the cars go past the big striped line, they turn into real Mercedes-Benz GLAs. Not only that, but the drivers turn into a real Mario and Luigi. Luigi wins and does a victory dance while a pouting Mario looks on until Luigi trips and falls over a banana and Mario does his customary laugh. The general public seem to be caught in-between an urge to laugh and an urge to raise their eyebrows at the ad.

Just to give them more time to decide what to do, Mercedes-Benz and Mario Kart recently came out with another commercial featuring the same sort of structure. The beginning shows off the actual game's DLC and the ending shows off the actual cars. This one, however, features Mario and Princess Peach. Instead of a banana peel, Mario (the sore loser, once again) tries to knock Peach into a tailspin with a turtle shell. Peach outsmarts him and quickly jumps over it. This, of course, leaves nothing for Mario to laugh over... Except, maybe his dismal track record in his own game.

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