Fresh off the release of My Little Pony, Gameloft and Hasbro are teaming up again to bring iOS gamers more free-to-play cuteness with their latest title -- Littlest Pet Shop.

While no where near as big as the My Little Pony franchise, the recent revival and success of the new cartoon show has prompted Hasbro to try the same playbook with Littlest Pet Shop, which was also a successful line of toys from the 1990s.

The game will be a free-to-play title in which you will be building out your own pet shop and populating it with cute critters. But unlike a lot of city-building titles, this one will be viewed straight ahead, from a horizontal perspective - akin to looking through the window of a pet shop.

We have several screenshots for you to check out below. And if those screens are ringing your bell, then keep an eye on the App Store, cause the game will arrive there on November 22nd.