At E3, Sony announced LittleBigPlanet 3, exciting PlayStation 4 owners by bringing Sackboy and friends to Sony’s new-gen box for the first time. PS3 owners, however, were seemingly out of luck, with the console on which LBP first appeared left out of the announcement. Today, however, CVG reports that the Little Big Planet team has announced that the next installment of the series will also appear on PlayStation 3

On his Twitter page today, LittleBigPlanet community co-ordinator Steven Isbell stated, “LBP3 will also be available on PS3,” confirming the game’s presence on Sony’s seven year-old console. No specifics were mentioned, so we don’t know if the PS3 version will differ at all from the PS4 edition,nor if they will share the same developer or release date, but Isbell promised more details to come, adding, “We will have more news on that later.”

While Sony has called Little igPlanet 3 “a perfect showcase for PS4,” touting its 1080p resolution and sharing features, their decision to bring the game to PS3 shows that Sony is still dedicated to its last-gen hardware. Over the coming years, we can expect both Sony and Microsoft to gradually shift focus to their newer machines. For now, though, we’re in that console generation sweet spot where publishers will still be bringing games to the older consoles while also crafting entirely new experiences for the newer ones.