The teacher from 'Bates Motel', the 'Epic Meal Time' guy and the prison dude from '22 Jump Street' (he's covering wars, you know) have been added to the cast of 'Dead Rising: Watchtower'.

The Digital Media Division of Legendary Pictures has announced the principal cast for the feature-length project, 'Dead Rising: Watchtower', which includes Rob Riggle, who will be playing Frank West, an experienced, wartime photo-journalist. Riggle ('Let's Be Cops', '22 Jump Street') will be joined by Harley Morenstein ('Epic Meal Time', 'Epic Meal Empire', 'Tusk'), Keegan Connor Tracey ('Bates Motel', 'Once Upon A Time') and Aleks Paunovic ('This Means War'). Paunovic will play a biker gang leader and Morenstein will play his second in command. Keegan Connor Tracey will be playing a straight-laced journalist named Jordan who will likely be either West's colleague or rival.

'Dead Rising: Watchtower' will debut on Crackle. Shortly after, the Dead Rising movie will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and Video on Demand. Hopefully this film fares better than the few Resident Evil direct-to-DVD features.

They better include some hot, scary monsters.

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