The Wii U may not have too many killer apps that utilize current generation technology, but it sure does have a whole lot of games from the past to keep you held over. One of the newest games to enter the Wii U’s virtual console collection is Kirby’s Adventure, the original pink puffball power copying adventure for the NES. And get this, it only costs $0.30!

The massive sale, which had made Kirby’s Adventure one of the cheapest Virtual Console titles on either the Wii or Wii U, is part of the Virtual Console 30th Anniversary promotion that Nintendo is currently holding. According to Destructoid, it will remain at that price point until May 16th and will also be available on the 3DS eShop as well. The next absurdly cheap Virtual Console title will be Super Metroid, which will be on sale from May 15th till June 13th, right in the middle of E3 week.

In addition to this sale, a full Wii U update is expected in the next few days. Not only will this vastly improve system load times, but it will also introduce a whole bunch of new Virtual Console titles to the Nintendo store.