HAL Laboratory is at it again with another Kirby game and this time the pink puffball must bring color back to the world in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

The little pink hero with hands and feet is back to fight some bad guys once again, but this time he's bringing his new paint brush friend, which is pretty convenient, considering the world has been suddenly drained of color. You will have to lead Kirby through perilous levels of enemies that shoot fire and things that want to smash you into a pancake. By drawing a rainbow string of colors with the Wii U GamePad's stylus, you can either lead Kirby on a path of rainbow-y justice or block things from falling on his head.

There are also three different Kirby amiibo figures compatible with The Rainbow Curse that will change the little guy's look and give him additional powers. The Kirby amiibo figure allows you to star-dash whenever your heart desires, the Meta Knight figure allows you to dash through weaker enemies and King Dedede lets you have extra health bars.

You can catch this latest Kirby adventure on Feb. 20 for the Wii U, so brush up on your rainbow rope-drawing skills in the meantime.

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