Microsoft’s Kinect Sports Rivals received an update this week, adding both free features and downloadable content. Some of that content involves Battletoads.

According to the Xbox Wire, every player will now have access to 24 new unique stories for each of the game’s three factions, along with new features on the Kinect Sports Rivals Hub, like team-based photo gallery backgrounds, greatest moments videos and news articles.

Players looking to expand their KSR experience can download new Challenge Packs based on popular properties from the game’s developer, Rare. Challenge packs for Banjo-Kazooie, Blast Corps, Perfect Dark, Viva Pinata and, most excitingly, Battletoads are available, with each offering familiar characters and elements from the classic titles.

Those looking to add some flair to their Champions can choose from three different vanity packs. The Sunglasses Pack, Funglasses Pack, and Super Salon Pack can be purchased individually, or all at once with the Super Style Bundle.

While this story, at a glance, seems to be about Kinect Sports Rivals, it’s actually a story about Battletoads. Last year, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer mentioned his love for the classic game while asking fans what projects Rare should work on for the Xbox One. The Battletoads Challenge pack represents the first time the property has made any sort of video game appearance in decades. Perhaps it’s the first step in the game’s long-awaited comeback.