Brush up on the ins and outs of teamwork in this new video breaking down what you need to know about Killzone: Shadow Fall's Intercept expansion.

Jeroen Roding, Community Manager at Guerrilla Games, posted on the PlayStation Blog about the combat roles players will take in Killzone: Shadow Fall's new Intercept expansion. Intercept will feature four-player online co-op as players take on the role of Intelligence Squad Alpha and go behind enemy lines to relay Helghast transmissions back to the VSA. In order to accomplish this, the teams needs to establish Uplinks first.

Intercept will include four Combat Roles, four arena maps, bonuses like the jetpack and a great co-operative experience for you and three of your buddies. The video above features Lead Designer Arjan Bak explaining how the co-op will work in Intercept, giving us tips on how the classes, like the Assault Trooper and Tactician, can use their unique skills to help out the whole squad.

Intercept will be released this summer as a downloadable content expansion pack. It can also be downloaded as a standalone experience, meaning that you will not need Killzone: Shadow Fall to play it. If you've got the Shadow Fall Season Pass, then you'll be able to download it free of charge. We'll update you on the actual release date and pricing as the information becomes available.