Get a head start on learning your skills with this new combat tutorial video for Killzone: Shadow Fall's Shadow Marshal class.

The tutorial shows you the finer points of being a Shadow Marshal in the upcoming Killzone: Shadow Fall game. Stealth is the Marshal's best friend and he's got a number of tools to help facilitate the need to be neither seen nor heard.

For starters, you can use the Tactical Echo to help you locate enemies in the immediate area. The Echo sends out a pulse that points out the location of all entities within a given area. The more you hold down the Echo button, the clearer the highlighted enemies will be. But if you hold it down too much, you'll be in danger of alerting the enemies you were trying so hard to hide from, so use this skill sparingly.

The Echo will also allow you to hover over personnel in order to see their strengths and weaknesses. This will give you the right amount of info to effectively engage said enemies or avoid them completely, depending on your skill and current loadout.

If the Tactical Echo is the bread of the Marshal's arsenal, then the OWL would be the butter. This combat drone can be commanded via the DualShock 4's touchpad and the shoulder buttons. Swiping in different directions on the touchpad activates the OWL's different modes, such as the zipline, shield and attack modes. While the OWL can help you distract enemies, it can only handle up to two combatants without your help, so be sure to assist the little guy before he becomes too battle-damaged.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Shadow Marshal's tricks and look out for Killzone: Shadow Fall when it launches with the PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15.