The war between the ISA and the Helghast rages on with this new multiplayer downloadable content for Killzone: Shadow Fall.

A post on the PlayStation Blog by Samrat Sharma, Senior Online Producer at Guerrilla Games, heralds in the first multiplayer DLC expansion, which is being called The Insurgent Pack.

The expansion will include a new Character Class, three new abilities, three new weapons and two new game modes.

As you might have guessed from the name of the expansion, the new Character Class is The Insurgent, a character that can Hack and Steal. Though he's only armed with a pistol in the beginning, he's able to steal weapons and hack enemy machines to fight for him.

The three new abilities being introduced are the E-Pulse emitter, the Tactical Echo emitter and the Guard Drone for the Scout, Support and Assault classes respectively. Players can also expect to find the classic M82 assault rifle, the L512 SMG Pistol and the Sta 14 Rifle included as the new weapons in the expansion.

To add more of a challenge to the game, a single-player Elite Mode is being added, as well as new online collectibles that appear in crates, one per match for Insurgent Expansion holders.

Of course, what DLC would be complete without personalization options. In this pack, you'll get one OWL skin, 3 Spotlight Moves and one Voice Over pack with HGH and VSA battle chatter voices. This will all be available in April for around $9.99, or free with the Season Pass.

For those of you who want more content but don't want to spend more money, there are a few free multiplayer maps coming for you, called The Cruiser and The Hanger, which are highlighted in the videos above and below.