The big unveiling of the PlayStation 4 yesterday featured a look at Killzone: Shadow Fall, the upcoming next-gen offering from Guerilla Games.

And what a look it was! We got to see peeks at a city that's been cut in half by a large wall, calling to mind Berlin in the Cold War. It's the Helghast versus the Vektan in this city, and the results look like they won't be pretty for either faction.

The gameplay demo itself showed us a seemingly high-ranking Vektan soldier passing through a screening checkpoint in order to get onto a rooftop terrace when a Helghast attack butts into his plans.

What ensues is one hell of a firefight in which adrenaline is pumped to slow down time for more accurate shots, shots are fired from behind cover, and aircraft-hopping leads to C4 turning Helghast soldiers into tiny particles.

It's an action smorgasbord that also manages to show off the size and magnificence of the divided city. We can't wait to see what else this next Killzone game will have to offer, but these increasingly beautiful screenshots will have to suffice for now.

Are the graphics in the game up to par with your expectations for a next-gen shooter? Let us know in the comments!