Jimmy Fallon, funnyman and host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, is a self-proclaimed geek and gamer. Let's watch as he takes the reigns from Guerrila Games' managing director and co-founder, Herman Holtz, and tackles the Killzone: Shadow Fall demo.

And as expected, there's no box in sight that could even hint at the PlayStation 4's appearance. We do see the new DualShock 4, however, complete with its curved form, touchscreen, and the new Share button.

The demo that is shown is the same level as the one that premiered during the Sony PlayStation 4 announcement, even ending with the player character making a heroic leap and grabbing onto a rope dangling from a Vektan ship.

Watch the video below to see Jimmy Fallon try his hand at taking on the Helghast and listen to the excitement as everyone tries to direct each other on how to play.

Let us know how you think Jimmy did in the demo and tell us if you think you could do better!