Iron Galaxy has unveiled the newest trailer for Season Two of Killer Instinct, where we finally get to see Maya in action.

Previously announced at Evo 2014, Iron Galaxy has finally released a gameplay trailer featuring the return of Maya, the Amazonian warrior. Maya is making her return since we last saw her in Killer Instinct 2 back in 1996. Her style of combat has a changed a bit, focusing on her daggers and her variety of exotic moves. If Iron Galaxy decided to give TJ Combo a new MMA style instead of his urban Apollo Creed look, it's only right that Maya gets a makeover. We get to see a new, Mummy-like character get teased at the end of the trailer as well.

Killer Instinct: Season Two starts this fall. Expect new characters, air counter breaks, and stage-specific ultra combo endings. Kim from Killer Instinct 2 better be a part of this season.

Whether she was raised in the Amazon or in TJ Combo's boxing/MMA gym, Maya knows her some karate.

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