Double Helix set a pretty high bar with Killer Instinct last year, but this year it's all about Iron Galaxy Studios for Season Two. The next batch of Killer Instinct fighters will be upon us, and they'll be coming in a few different packages that sound eerily similar to KI's initial launch...because they're exactly the same.

The new season of Killer Instinct begins Oct. 15 with the previously announced TJ Combo and Maya, and will see another new fighter once a month for the next six months. There are three ways to purchase Season Two: each fighter can be purchased separately for $4.99, a Combo Breaker pack will include all eight fighters for $19.99 and the Ultra Edition will include all eight fighters, select exclusive costumes and accessories, and a digital download for Killer Instinct 2 Classic, confirming a rumor from last month. Additionally, those who purchase the Ultra Edition between September 23rd and October 14th will be able to download TJ Combo early.

The digital download for KI2 will include the full arcade version of the game as well as an online multiplayer mode allowing fans of the classic game to do battle online, a feature the original KI Classic sorely lacked. We're not sure if that's enough to entice us to pick up the Ultra Edition, but we bought the first one, so we may as well get the second one too.

Killer Instinct Season Two begins October 15 on Xbox One.

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