Xbox Fitness was one of the really cool things that the Kinect could offer you as long as you had an Xbox One with an Xbox Gold subscription, and Microsoft has announced it's not going anywhere.

When the Xbox One first came out, Microsoft was touting Xbox Fitness--the program that would make fitness go interactive. Coupled with the Kinect, the Xbox One was supposed to make sure that not only were you finishing the exercises it was throwing at you, but also make sure you were doing it with correct form. However, as nice as the free workouts were, the "free" part of the program was supposed to end this month.

Well, since we are well in the midst of December, Windows Central wanted to know if Microsoft was planning on extending Xbox Fitness or taking it out of the lineup for Gold Members. In response, a Microsoft representative said, "While some of the content available will change in January, Xbox Fitness will continue to offer free and unlimited access to a wide fitness video catalog with your Xbox Live Gold membership, as well as the option to purchase additional full programs with Gold and Silver memberships."

So, if you have an Xbox One and an Xbox Gold Membership, you can continue to work off those holiday calories through January, at least, and possibly beyond.