If you were hoping to get a glimpse of Nintendo's newest ventures in hardware and mobile technology, we're afraid we've got some bad news: there will be no such unveilings from the company at E3 2015.

Buried among the financial numbers and other information from the latest Nintendo investors' meeting (translated via Kotaku) are a few choice quotes from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata himself, effectively putting the kibosh on any sort of announcement concerning the new NX platform and Nintendo's smart device initiatives at E3 this year.

“We do not plan on talking specifics about the the NX until 2016,” Iwata puts it bluntly, making us circle the dates for E3 2016 in our calendars for a possible NX reveal. When asked why knowledge of the NX was made public so far from an official announcement, Iwata reasoned that the smartphone game collaboration with DeNA might have made some fans think that the company was giving up on dedicated console gaming and he didn't want that to be the case.

Speaking of smartphone games, Iwata addressed that DeNA partnership as well, saying that E3 "is an event for dedicated video game machines" and because of that Nintendo will not be talking about their mobile device ideas.

We're not surprised that the NX will go unmentioned at this year's show because we doubt Nintendo is 100 percent sure what the heck the device is going to do. The lack of mobile games is strange, however, considering that plenty of mobile games make their way onto the E3 show floor year after year. A game is a game after all, no matter what device it's on. We're hoping Nintendo changes its mind on that at least, as we'd like to see what kind of apps the company is cooking up. Super Mar-iOS needs to be shown, Nintendo!