Injustice: Gods Among Us is nearing its much-anticipated release date and more details about the super-powered brawler keep coming out by the day. This time, we get a look at the game's Challenge Tower and its ability to self-patch.

An article on Destructoid contains a short interview with NetherRealm senior producer Adam Urbano, in which Destructoid's own Abel Girmay asks questions about the some of the game's features.

One of the topics discussed was that of the stages and the various interactables littered around the environments. If you have an issue with them and fear that they may disrupt the balance of the game, you can simply turn them off at the stage select screen. You'll also have the option to pick your starting position, just in case you do like them and happen to have a favorite interactable that you'd like to be easily accessible.

Urbano also touched on a self-patching feature for the game that will make fixing any issues quick and painless.

"Without going through a full approval process through Microsoft and Sony, we can patch all the data values in this game. Stuff like damage done, frame inputs, lag delay -- you name it, we can change it and have it live with only 24 hours' notice to Sony and Microsoft."

In terms of gameplay and progression, Injustice will pack a new leveling system that allows players to level up both online and off by winning fights, doing well in matches, and completing challenges. Ranking up will surely keep fighters busy, providing a carrot on a string for what already looks to be a game with some longevity.

The last feature they explored was the S.T.A.R. Labs challenge mode, in which each playable character must complete challenges in order to win cool prizes. Just what prizes we'll see and whether or not they'll be completely awesome wasn't mentioned, but you can bet we're going to try to complete them all to find out! As an example of one of the challenges, you can control Catwoman's cat, Isis, to sneak past museum security and meow 25 times to get a three-star rating.

Injustice: Gods Among Us will drop on April 16th, 2013, so we don't have to twiddle our fingers for very much longer! Let us know what you think of the features that were discussed and tell us who you're looking forward to fighting in the game!