This week marks the final battle in Round 1 of the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena. Let's see if Sinestro, armed with his massive forehead, has what it takes to defeat the Man of Steel (hold your laughter until the end, please).

The leader of the fear-driven Sinestro Corps takes on Superman in the first match-up, holding his own against the Man of Steel for a good while. But then Superman reminds him that they're in his house (the Fortress of Solitude) and absolutely wrecks him with an uppercut that sends him shooting through Earth's atmosphere, followed by a double-axe handle that brings him back down to the ground. The constructs from his ring do a lot to help impede Superman's assault, but Kal-El proves to be too much for the man with the fivehead, even after Sinestro brings him out to space and pounds him with two floating meteors.

The second match is between Green Arrow and Hawkgirl, pitting arrows vs. a mace. In the beginning, the fight looks to be pretty even, especially since blows seem to be traded at an equal pace. Hawkgirl's high-flying brutality leaves Green Arrow dazed, but he comes back with a slew of trick arrows that settles the fight.

Watch the videos below and prepare yourselves for Round Two of the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena next week! The game itself will be released on April 16th, 2013!