It's the end of the first round of matches in the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena! The quarterfinals will start next week, bringing these DC titans closer to claiming victory over all.

We guess they wanted to save Kal-el for last, because the fourth and final match-ups of the preliminary rounds in the Battle Arena features Superman vs. Sinestro and Hawkgirl vs. Green Arrow.

Do you think the fear-fueled leader of the yellow ring-wearing Sinestro Corps has what it takes to face on the Man of Steel? Will his forehead (or should we say fivehead?), be able to deflect Supe's heat vision?

And then there's the fight between Hawkgirl and Green Arrow, which pits a high-flying hero against a master archer. With Oliver Queen's trick arrows be enough to bring down the mace-wielding heroine who scoffs at gravity?

Watch the videos below to decide who you think should move ahead in the Battle Arena. Your vote decides the outcome, so click here to vote for your favorite!