Hey, fight fans, it's time to check who this week's winners are in the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena! It was The Flash vs. Shazam and The Joker vs. Lex Luthor, so let's find out who got beaten into submission.

The first match-up was between The Flash and Shazam, two heroes who use lightning as their motifs. And no, The Flash didn't punch out Billy Batson before he could shout "SHAZAM!" and transform. But he did, however, punch him an awful lot after being subjected to a number of throws and combos.

We bet The Flesh was really feeling the strength of Hercules after a few of those slams to the ground. But he came back with his super speed and even reared up a punch that spanned the entire globe. Maybe the wisdom of Solomon will help Shazam find a lesson to learn in this defeat.

The second fight was super villain vs. super villain, with Lex Luthor equipped with his battle suit and The Joker equipped with his -- insanity. It looked to be a pretty close match, since both villains kept getting smacked into different locales. We all thought the fight would have been over once Lex called down an orbital strike and used it like a Spirit Bomb, but The Joker brought it back thanks to the help of a pie.

Watch these titans clash in the videos below and stay tuned for more match-ups in the following weeks, all leading up to the game's release on April 16th, 2013.