What if Clark Kent wasn't raised in Smallville, but instead grew up in Soviet Russia? The Red Son pack from the upcoming title Injustice: Gods Among Us presents gamers with the Man of Steel wearing a hammer and sickle insignia on his chest.

Red Son also features Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy, and each of them possess different uniforms in this alternate universe. Gamers will have twenty extra missions to play through in this add-on, which is inspired by the three part comic book miniseries Superman: Red Son.

A new development diary displays a Superman sans his clean cut, All-American visage. Instead, we have a stern brute with a chip on his shoulder who's ready to serve Mother Russia.

The Red Son pack will be available as a preorder bonus from GameStop. Injustice: Gods Among Us hits the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on April 16th.