Injustice: Gods Among Us continues with its Battle Arena and has gone into the semi-finals! This week sees match-ups between Batman, the Flash, Superman, and the Green Lantern, while a few celebrity experts weigh in with their opinions.

Taryn Southern introduces us to the heroes we'll have to vote for in the semi-finals of the Battle Arena. We've already seen Batman, the Flash, Superman, and the Green Lantern in action and cheered as they beat out the competition, but now we have four of the mightiest heroes from the Justice League all vying for the top position.

A host of celebrity experts give us their views on who they think would win these brawls, with some of the comic book world's giants like Geoff Johns and Jim Lee offering their opinions. We've also got some of the Battle Arena regulars like Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Wayne Brade, Tara Strong, and newcomers like John Huertas from ABC's Castle, Heavyweight UFC Champion Bas Rutten, actor Jason Priestly, his wife Naomi Priestly, and then actors Scott Porter and Tim Jo.

There's plenty of theorycrafting going around, but you can always offer up your thoughts and vote for who you think should win the Battle Arena by going to this site.

Watch the videos below to see what everyone thinks. Make sure your voice is heard and tune in when we see the results of the match-ups at the end of the week. Let us know who you think will be crowned the champ!