A new video that goes behind the scenes of Infamous: Second Son reveals how Sucker Punch is crafting Delsin's powers and having fun with making sound effects.

The video features art director Horia Dociu, game designer Darren Bridges, visual effects artist Mark Wood and visual effects artist Matt Vainio speaking about Delsin's powers and how they bring them to life in Second Son.

We see a bit of Delsin's smoke powers and how they're rendered in the game and take advantage of some cool, next-gen particle physics. They're so advanced that even shadows and lighting affect the particles of smoke. Some of the interactions between the team are cool to see, especially when they start making sound effects to recreate what they think Delsin's powers should sound like when they're activated.

Their aim is to make you feel like "an unstoppable force." And if the gameplay in the video is any indication, we're going to feel unstoppable indeed. Let us know what you think of Second Son so far in the comments below.

Infamous: Second Son will be released on the PlayStation 4 in Q1 2014.