Seattle's Department of Unified Protection better call for backup in this newest cinematic TV spot for Infamous: Second Son.

The PlayStation Blog reported that the song featured in this trailer made for TV is "Touch Me I'm Sick," which is done by the Seattle-based band, Mudhoney. As Mudhoney's song looms in the background, we see graffiti artist-turned-Conduit Delsin Rowe being cornered by D.U.P. agents with guns drawn.

In a surprise compared to the previous Infamous games' powers, Delsin blasts off into the sky in an explosive manner without any apparent use of lightning. He then lands on the ground with even more explosive power resulting in all of the soldiers near him being obliterated.

We'll get to see how this power will be used in Infamous: Second Son when it debuts on March 21 exclusively on PlayStation 4.