The latest video for Infamous: Second Son gives us a look at how the devs at Sucker Punch recreated the look of Seattle, along with its rain, in the game.

Sucker Punch Productions Art Director Horia Dociu wrote on the PlayStation Blog about his experience with Second Son and how the devs wanted to recreate their hometown, Seattle, not just in look but in feeling as well.

"We wanted to give the player the feeling of walking down an alleyway and seeing the rain accumulate between the cobblestones, and the reflections of the rain-streaked, brick buildings and neon market signs," Dociu said. "Or the feeling of looking up at the sun as it breaks through the clouds, sending rays of light through enormous pine trees."

The result is a game that looks gorgeous and captures the feel of walking down the street after it has just rained, with puddles littered around the patches of asphalt. They've also made it so that fog can hang on the bay and seep into the city, giving weight to the atmosphere, all while remaining accurate to the aesthetics of such a view in real life.

A lot of work has gone into the rendering, lighting and effects, and it definitely shows in the video above. Infamous: Second Son will be released on the PlayStation 4 on March 21, 2014. Get hyped for its release and its next-gen graphics by watching the video.