Princess Zelda's nimble alter ego hits the battlefield armed with only a harp in this new trailer for Hyrule Warriors.

This new trailer for Hyrule Warriors features Sheik tearing across the enemy lines with only a string-based, musical instrument. This piece is actually the Goddess' Harp, which is very important to the overall lore of The Legend of Zelda series. Sheik is able to summon the elements with her melodies. For example, she can summon a vortex of wind around her (much like the Monk from Diablo III) that can strike enemies as she runs around the battlefield faster than anyone else on Warriors' roster. She can also use the harp for water and fire-based attacks.

Since Princess Ruto of the Zora, Chief Darunia of the Gorons and Sheik of the... Sheikah? (wait a minute, that actually works) were all confirmed for Hyrule Warriors, we expect that the water-dancing Ruto will be featured in the next trailer we will see. What is more awesome than playing as a princess/ninja in Hyrule? Being able to play all of Hyrule Warriors' characters when the game launches on Sept. 26 for Wii U.

Sheik sure is sneaky, but so is a certain game myth from the original Legend of Zelda that we explore in this 5x5 video.