Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s collaboration on Hyrule Warriors has brought us tons of early gameplay footage, including a 40-minute gameplay session at the E3 Nintendo Treehouse. A new Japanese trailer popped up on YouTube today, showing more footage of Link ridding the Hylian Fields of evil.

In the trailer, we see Link battling hordes of Moblins, wiping out dozens with each swipe of his sword. Amid the masses of lesser foes, Link also faces a tougher enemy in a fire-breathing Lizalfo, tuck-rolling under his breath attack to deliver a deadly combo. Powering up his Master Sword, Link then cuts a swath through a huge group of Moblins, sending them flying with a single stroke.

Finally, Link faces a boss character, the Dodongo. After receiving a series of sword strikes, the huge beast opens its mouth to deliver a powerful flame attack. Before it can deliver the blast, however, Link tosses several bombs in the Dodongo’s mouth, exploding him from the inside. Finally, Link finishes the monster off with a jumping downward thrust.

While the “Warriors” series may not offer the deepest gaming experience, the newest installment should definitely provide some excellent fan-service and plenty of button mashing-fun. The game is set for a Sept. 26 release on the Wii U.