Man hath not known fear that what Nintendo has unleashed upon us during the latest NIntendo Direct. Mixed within the game announcements and Nintendo fan hype was a truly unnerving and scary sight, one that will stick with us long after the game is forgotten in the annals of time: Tingle is now a playable character in Hyrule Warriors, and we are not ready.

The flamboyant, green-clad map maker will join the playable roster as part of the Majora Mask's DLC Pack for Hyrule Warriors alongside Young Link. Tingle will use balloons, a wallet full of Rupees and the dreaded Kooloh-Limpah dance to battle against the forces of Ganondorf. Young Link will primarily use the Kokiri Sword, but he also has the Fierce Deity Mask in his back pocket, allowing him to transform and unleash some serious fury.

The DLC pack will also include a new Adventure Mode map and three additional costumes, one of which has a silhouette that really seems to resemble a certain kid of the skull. Why he isn't his own playable character we're not really sure, but we're too afraid of Tingle's balloon-based wrath to focus on it.

The Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask DLC Pack will launch Feb. 5 for $7.99, and the world will quiver in fear as the Tingle-pocalypse consumes us all.

We won't be sleeping much after watching that trailer.