Say hello to the mystery girl from the Hyrule Warriors' Japanese box art, Lana.

Lana the blue-haired witch debuts in this newest trailer for Hyrule Warriors. She acts like your run-of-the-mill, anime-inspired heroine, and throwing out peace signs in a Hatsune Miku getup doesn't really help, but she is definitely a welcome addition to the fields of Hyrule. Lana can attack with magical barriers that are infused with lightning. These barriers can slam into enemies and discharge electricity. The part of the trailer when Lana dropped a cube barrier onto the battlefield and started walking along it to run over even more enemies before detonating it was quite impressive.

Link, Zelda, Midna, Impa, Agitha and Lana are all going to hit the battleground exclusively for Wii U in Hyrule Warriors. While we're never one to complain about being outnumbered in a girl-to-guy ratio, we wonder if there will be any other male characters added to even out this collection of rhyming female names by the time Hyrule Warriors launches on Aug. 14. We're liking the inclusion of all these characters, but it would be nice to add a heavy like a Goron to balance the combat styles.