This new trailer for Hyrule Warriors features the Hylian newcomer, Lana, harnessing the powers of the Great Deku Tree in order to fight Ganon's legions.

Tecmo Koei has released its latest trailer for Hyrule Warriors which showcases Lana's second weapon set. This version of Lana uses the powers of the Great Deku Tree to fight her enemies. She uses a Deku Shield for defense, a Deku Stick as a staff and a Deku Leaf to help her traverse the battlefield, shooting gusts of wind at her opponents as she passes. She also has the ability to summon Deku Tree Sprouts, which help her fight as well.

Lana will make like a tree and Deku Leaf (we know, that one was pretty bad) when Hyrule Warriors launches on Sept. 26 for Wii U.

Lana fights for the Great Deku Tree, who has been sleeping for a long time, but it naps nowhere near as much as Link does.