Robotoki finally showed off its anticipated post-zombie apocalyptic title Human Element at the Game Awards, and the shooter sure looks stylish.

Taking place long after the zombie apocalypse, Human Element pits you against the remaining survivors in a fairly pretty wasteland. While zombie FPS titles aren't exactly groundbreaking, there did appear to be some cool elements at play in the footage shown off. First, the player was able to strap a bomb to his bike, drive it into an enemy camp and blow stuff up. After a bit of rapid-fire combat, we got to see what happens to the enemies you kill--they turn into zombies that come back for more.

Though just a snippet of what's included, the trailer did look to offer at least a modicum of something different from the standard fare. Until we see more though, we'll reserve judgment. Human Element will be out on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in November 2015.

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