Deep Silver has announced its new in-house dev team at Dambuster Studios, which consists of former Crytek UK veterans. Their first project: continuing the work they started at Crytek and finishing Homefront: The Revolution.

Dambuster Studios has opened its doors as the new, AAA development team of Deep Silver. This new studio consists of former members of Crytek UK. Crytek UK was formerly known as Free Radical Design, the team that brought us TimeSplitters. Deep Silver has rallied together 126 people in Dambuster Studios, with a majority of them comprised of former Crytek UK staff members, and their first project will be to finish the last one they didn't get to complete at Crytek — Homefront: The Revolution. Because of this new studio's creation, Homefront: The Revolution will not launch until 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Just as long as Dambuster gets it right, which we know they will, we don't mind. Returning to the helm as Homefront: The Revolution's Creative Director is Hasit Zala, who is resuming the role he had at Crytek UK for this anticipated title.

"We are excited that Deep Silver's acquisition of the Homefront IP and assets from Crytek has allowed development of Homefront: The Revolution to continue with minimum disruption," said Zala. "The team here believes we are working on something truly special."

Last Summer, we reported that Deep Silver purchased the Homefront IP and all of its assets from Crytek. While Crytek UK was developing this new Homefront, the studio faced multiple layoffs and a multitude of its senior staff leaving the company due to missed paychecks and other financial issues. While we were sad to hear about the financial woes going on throughout Crytek, we're glad to see that Homefront: The Revolution is in good hands at Dambuster Studios with Zala properly returning to the helm and many of his former Crytek brethren at his side.