This faux news report spoofs and focuses on Bethesda's harsh use and unfair portrayal of barbed wire in The Evil Within.

Bethesda has collaborated with the infamous, satirical news site, The Onion, in order to point out a funny and fundamental flaw found in The Evil Within. Sure, barbed wire is used for a number of reasons, such as lining the tops of fences, deferring criminal activity and stopping would-be trespassers. More importantly, barbed wire is commonly used in low-budget, backyard wrestling events starring 16-year-olds. Unfortunately, Bethesda forgot the importance of these ingenious uses, which many barbed wire enthusiasts have been quite vocal against.

This latest news report by The Onion shows the backlash the barbed wire-using community has against Bethesda for its implications that barbed wire is only used by psychopaths and murders as seen in The Evil Within. Despite this farce of one of The Evil Within's many strange themes, The Onion's news report acts as a great PR stint in order to get us hyped up for Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami's return to the genre that he helped build.