The amount of work that is put into cover art is astronomical, which Ninja Theory showcases in its most recent Dev Diary for Hellblade.

Ninja Theory was recently graced with being the cover art not only for PlayStation Magazine's subscriber-only edition, but also its normal edition and Ninja Theory couldn't be more thrilled. Dominic Matthews, Product Development "Ninja" repeats multiple times throughout the video what an honor this was to both Hellblade and the team as a whole. "To have a cover feature this early on in development, is almost unheard of," Matthews states in the video. "It's great to see our work displayed so prominently and also suggests that our open approach to development is being noticed not only by the fans, but also by the press." The art created for both covers by Ninja Theory is absolutely beautiful. "It was really a case of now which kind of personality of Senua we wanted to excel within the cover. Something that feels kind of evocative and deadly," Art Director Ninja Stuart Adcock added.

So what do you think of PlayStation Magazine's Hellblade exclusive covers? Will you be looking out for the game in 2015 when it's released for the PlayStation 4?