We met Agent Locke during the reveal of 'Halo: Nightfall' back in June, but there may be more to this new character than what we originally thought, if his voice actor is to be believed.

Speaking with X-One Magazine as reported by CVG, actor Mike Colter says that Jameson Locke is more than just a supplemental character for the live-action series; he's also the main character in Halo 5: Guardians due out next fall.

"Yeah, I'm a playable character in Halo 5," he claims. "Once Halo: The Master Chief Collection is released, and then Halo 5 comes out shortly thereafter, you're basically going to be playing a game with me as the primary character," Colter says in the interview. "I'll have some cool weaponry, and some cool abilities, because by that time I'll be a Spartan IV."

So what's his relationship to Master Chief? "What's not known, is whether I'm a friend or foe," Colter explains. "The relationship between Master Chief and Jameson Locke is going to be interesting."

Indeed, Mr. Colter, that relationship is going to be interesting. It sounds to us like Locke will be to Halo 5 what the Arbiter was in Halo 2; a surprise playable character that lets us see the Halo universe through someone else's eyes. We'll see if that's true when Halo 5: Guardians launches for Xbox One in fall 2015.