Just when we think it's completely fixed and ready to go, even more Halo: The Master Chief Collection bugs rise from the code, and this time the problems were the cause of a major eSports event's cancellation. Man, that is not a good look.

Halo Championship Series #1 was scheduled to take place on April 25, with 47 different teams of friends enlisted to compete in the massive tournament. The top prize was $3,000 as noted in this Tweet:

However, the newest issues to plague The Master Chief Collection began to surface, and teammates could not connect with the rest of their teams in order to complete in the tournament. As a result, the official Halo Twitter account had to release this statement:

Because teammates couldn't connect to one another, the tournament was rendered moot and had to be cancelled. If that's not a disastrous turn of events for a game that launched back in November, then we don't know what could be worse. It's likely due to the vast number of maps and the four Halo games the anthology's multiplayer encompasses that are making connectivity so difficult to uphold. Perhaps it's time we lead The Master Chief Collection out to pasture and use it solely for campaign purposes.

Of course, Halo 5: Guardians could come with its own slew of technical issues, which makes it hard to have faith in history not repeating itself. We don't know what's going on over there at 343 Industries, but we hope that these online issues are ironed out and eradicated by the time the next major online tourney starts.