A 343 Industries representative has just clarified some of the details about the intriguing new Spartan opposite Master Chief in Halo 5: Guardians.

Josh Holmes, executive producer for Halo 5: Guardians, has clarified a lot of Internet rumors and speculation by Tweeting some information about the new cover character. The official art released by 343 Industries that was used to announce Halo 5 depicts a mysterious Spartan character with Master Chief in the character's reflection amid a desert landscape. Holmes shot down many of rumors by officially stating that the character is neither Palmer from Halo: Spartan Assault or Cortana. He also confirmed that the character is male and a completely new character -- it definitely isn't the Arbiter or Sgt. Johnson.

When placed side by side, the two Spartans' differences become much more apparent. Master Chief is wielding his series-standard Assault Rifle and is looking off to the side while this new character appears to be carrying the Battle Rifle and is staring straight ahead. Given his sleeker armor and the Battle Rifle, this character is meant to stay a bit further back in combat than Chief would, signifying a difference in their default strategies. Based on the rumored "Master Chief Collection" of Halo 1-4 coming to Xbox One, and the ending of Halo 4 (with what happened to Cortana and Chief removing his armor), we speculate that this could potentially be a new protagonist being introduced to the overall story, especially since he's above Master Chief in the picture and not the other way around. Guardians could possibly be the game that lets Chief pass the torch off to another super Spartan, with Cortana gone and this rumored Master Chief Collection, it could be possible that the Xbox One marks an all new tale in the Halo-verse with this sleeker Spartan being this generation's Raiden.

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