One of the most secretive Easter eggs in gaming history has been found in a Halo 3 loading screen.

Beyond has announced that Lord Zedd has discovered an Easter egg in Halo 3 that is extremely hard to find. The reason why no one has been able to find it during the seven years after the game's release is that it's only accessible one day out of the year. Bungie has put plenty of Easter eggs in its Halo titles, we even expect a few in Destiny, but this one is particularly hard to find.

On Dec. 25, Halo 3's loading screens would actually zoom in on its background Halo ring if you hold down both thumbsticks. While only a handful of people ever noticed this feature, no one ever figured out its purpose until now. As you can tell by the video below, the Halo ring actually has a hidden message on it. It says, "Happy Birthday Lauren," which was added into the game by Bungie developer Adrien Perez for his wife. If that didn't win you some brownie points with your wife Adrien, we don't know what will.

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