The Konami code doesn't just make Contra beatable, it also gives you a sneak peak into the zombie-infested world of H1Z1.

By entering in the Konami code on H1Z1's mysterious website, you unlock a bizarre, blurred teaser image along with a new trailer, VG247 reports. The teaser image was just a pixelated blur. Fortunately, this secret trailer provided much more information than its accompanying, indecipherable picture could.

In the trailer, we are provided with a first-person perspective of a player lurking around a dark graveyard that is infested with zombies. The player used the dark to his advantage in order to stay hidden, keeping most of the zombies in sight to order to make sure he wasn't spotted. Of course, turning a corner resulted in a face-to-face encounter with a zombie that sprung at the player second a light source was lit to see what was groaning from the dark.

VG247 also found an hour-long gameplay video of H1Z1 that features Sony Online Entertainment team members playing the game and providing commentary (provided below). H1Z1 is going to be free-to-play on PlayStation 4 and has yet to have an official release date. The PC version of H1Z1 should be available within a few weeks on Steam's Early Access program for the price of $20.