The gorgeously animated Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- is getting a massive patch that will fix its console versions and add improvements to its online gameplay and cross-play.

According to Shoryuken, Arc System Works has revealed the details for its next big Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- console patch. This update will intend to improve the online cross-play matchmaking and stability that PlayStation 3 users get when fighting against PS4 players and vice versa. Arc System Works will be releasing a tournament app later this year that will work with all versions of Guilty Gear Xrd - SIGN-. Also, the studio is trying to fix the PS4's version's ability to search for ranked matches, but this update may not be ready for the release of vers. 1.04.

Here's a list of what's being patched into ver. 1.04 of Guilty Gear Xrd:

Various Fixes


  • Improved cross-platform play stability.

Player Match

  • Fixed the issue where your MOM character’s level was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed the issue that you could only rarely play with some players.


  • Fixed the issue that you couldn’t earn the Trophy “Single” (Those who have failed to get it, will earn the Trophy by fighting a one match).

System Voices

  •  DLC System Voices are now adjusted so they are easier to hear.


  •  Fixed typos and omissions

Improved Functions

Network Lobby

  •  Increased amount of Beginner Lobbies, changed the Lobbies place in the list.
  •  Added a function that forces you out of Lobby if you stand-by for too long. When you’ve been in stand-by for 5 minutes, your avatar will turn sideways, and after 15 minutes you’ll exit the Lobby.

Ranked Match

  •  Changed the Waiting function so that it doesn’t briefly stop as often.

Player Match Room

  • Added voices that tell you when it’s your turn to fight.
  • You can now quickly move back to Waiting Area by pressing the X button (Most likely the O button in the localized version).
  • Voice Chat is now forced off once you enter a Voice Chat Banned room.
  • You can now change characters while you’re seated on fighter seat.
  • Date and time is now displayed on the top of the screen.

Player Match

  • Font size and scroll-speed of the Comment function are now optimized.


  • Added a menu that lets you retrieve a player’s profile.

Replay Theater

  • You can now skip the victory animations while watching a Replay.


  • Removed the function to reset your D Code.