Digital Foundry has released a comparison video, showing the Destiny beta on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. While both look nice, unsurprisingly, the PS4 version looks considerably better.

Side by side comparisons show that the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny features significantly better textures, effects, and geometry than its older counterpart. The video’s first scene shows two renderings of the same face, with the PS4 version far outshining the PS3’s in term of realism. The Guardian’s skin appears somewhat flat and artificial on the PS3, while the PS4 face features tiny details like blemishes and lip creases that make it far more lifelike. Later scenes show how the game world will look on each generation. The PlayStation 4 world features visually striking textures on every surface, and advanced particle and lighting effects that give it depth and substance. On PlayStation 3, textures are muddier, and effects are less impressive. Lens flares that appear when Guardians teleport on the PS4 version are nowhere to be found on the PS3 edition.

Strangely, at the 0:42 mark, a close look at the ground shows better looking textures on the PS3 than on its new-gen counterpart. Since this video compares the Beta versions of Destiny, this anomaly could be a glitch or bug, but it’s certainly strange to see.

While the comparison video shows that the PS4 version is noticeably nicer looking than the PS3 version, Sony’s eight year-old console can still deliver some impressive visuals. It will be interesting to see how the PlayStation 3 version stacks up against its generational counterpart, the Xbox 360, as well as its successor, the Xbox One. That said, it looks as if Bungie was fairly honest in claiming major differences between generations were minimal.