Remember the dance-filled intro sequence to 'Guardians of the Galaxy?' This awesome Destiny player sure did.

YouTube User Somewhat Awesome Games has posted the above video featuring a Guardian from Destiny doing Star Lord's unforgettable dance sequence from the opening credits of 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' While this Guardian from Destiny is no Peter "Star Lord" Quill, the player does have some of Chris Pratt's style. The video starts off just like the movie -- a lone guy in a red jacket arrives at a cave located in a desolate wasteland. The Guardian pulls out his ghost, just like how Quill pulled out his scanning device to locate the orb he had to steal. Afterwards, he starts dancing in a variety of dangerous locations, just like how Quill did as he was exploring the cave. We must note how close the Guardian's outfit is to Star Lord's.

Having Redbone's 'Come and Get Your Love' play throughout the video made it even better.

You gotta dance when you're out in space like that.