Listen up, racing fans! The fine folks at Gameloft and Red Bull Media have joined forces to bring players of GT Racing: Motor Academy some pre-holiday presents! Find out what goodies the new update will bring!

If there's any gaming news that will make mobile racers' hearts go vroom vroom, it's that Gameloft and Red Bull Media have partnered up and will be bringing the F1 RB8, the Camaro SS Red Bull edition, and the Hyundai Genesis Coupe Red Bull edition cars to GT Racing. This means that players will be seeing red, not out of anger, but because these shiny new cars will be repping the Red Bull colors.

Not enough to get you revved up and ready to race? Well, you should also know that the update includes an international contest that's sure to get players tearing up the tracks, in a race to get the best time. And what would a big contest be without an equally big prize? The lucky winner will receive 2 VIP tickets to a F1 Grand Prix!

With such a huge reward, you should probably start practicing now and race to the App Store for the update. The new additions go live today, so don't delay too much or others will get the jump on you. Check out the trailer below and let us know which F1 Grand Prix you'd love to attend as a Very Important Player.